Peanuts Cafe SN Sunny Side Kitchen Tall Glass (只限自取)



Snoopy's comics that are eating are designed in glasses by age Designed Snoopy in the 1960s eating. With moderate thickness and weight, it has a sense of stability and can be used normally without hesitation. It's a size that can hold plenty of drinks, so it's recommended for those who want to spend time at home slowly, such as reading. Item specifications Size: φ88 × H120 (mm) Capacity: 510ml Dishwasher / microwave / oven cannot be used 2200000498144 購物滿八百以上可享送貨優惠!(大型物品,易碎品除外) 發貨安排: 我們收到款項後才正式落單,依過數通知排單出貨,如有現貨約2-4個工作天(公眾假期除外)安排寄出,如沒有現貨便要訂貨約14個工作天 如貨品缺貨或停產,本店會再通知客人退錢。