Peanuts Love Each Other Charlie Brown Spoon Yellow



Since the handle is long, it is easier to hold than a ranger ◎ It's easier to scoop than a spoon because it contains a lot ◎ 【specification】 Size: Approx. W46 x H177 x D17 mm Material: Melamine resin Dishwasher / dryer can be used Microwave cannot be used 4970825132063 購物滿八百以上可享送貨優惠!(大型物品,易碎品除外) 發貨安排: 我們收到款項後才正式落單,依過數通知排單出貨,如有現貨約2-4個工作天(公眾假期除外)安排寄出,如沒有現貨便要訂貨約14個工作天 如貨品缺貨或停產,本店會再通知客人退錢。

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